Our approach to security management is never to sell a piece of equipment and hope that it will eliminate that threat. Our primary focus is to undertake vulnerability identification or threat determination to make risk analysis more manageable by establishing a base from which to proceed. When the risks associated with the various current system within an enterprise is known, only then the allocation of countermeasures can be more carefully planned.  


ELID Direct sales team has a complete and total range of security solutions to curb industrial, commercial, residential and public sector threats. Security threats are characterized in three broad groups and are usually motivated by these 3 factors:- 


Motivation factors

  1. Ideological – Political terrorists, animal rights, militia
  2. Economic – Theft, ransom, sale or extortion
  3. Personal – Hostile employee with a grievance against an employer

A. Outsider threatskidnapping

  • Break-in and robbery
  • Vandalism and sabotage
  • Assault against person
  • Civil disturbance


spy-thief-thumbB. Insider threats

  • Loss of goods or assets
  • Violence against person/staff
  • Losses due to pilferage
  • Vandalism and sabotage
  • Misuse of facility


                                               C. Outsider working in collusion with insider



Solution by Industry
Our solution is designed and tailor-made to suit the requirements and specifications of each customer depending on the severity and probability of the threat, nature of the business, site environment, physical construction layout and budget. Our key focus is to design and implement a security system which will firstly detect, delay and provide response to the appropriate key personnel to prevent adversary success.
For Industrial Sector   For Commercial Sector   For Residential Sector   For Public Sector
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