Access Control Solution 

Access control system is a very important tool to restrict access of people or personnel to a facility. It is use primarily to put in place a self-managed (non human intervention) system to isolate a secure area versus a non secure or public area. Without it, outside people and staff are completely free to move from one area/department to another, thus increasing the probability of crime and theft. The fundamental design in access control is to provide layered protection in a facility to increase diversity and redundancy. 


Today’s access control technology provides unparallel benefits to any organization in alleviating the security protection of the facility. Access to sensitive entry and exit points of the building can be restricted with the use of card readers or biometric devices to help grant, deny, monitor and track to these sensitive entry and exit points. Different vulnerable access point can be secured using the following equipment:-


    1. Vehicle Access System
    2. Lift Access System
    3. Door Access System
    4. Turnstile Control System
To increase the effectiveness in security enforcement, users need to insist and demand that their access control system be linked to a central control computer to collate all entry and exit transactions. This will help the facility manager to have a complete historical record of who, when and where each employees have entered and reports can be generated to assist in law enforcement when required. In today’s security management environment, operating a security management software is the vital key in value creation for the facility as it provides both “CENTRAL CONTROL” and “INFORMATION” for effective and productive security management.       


Reliable as it needs to work non-stop to restrict and grant access


Easy to Operate
> Low Maintenance cost
> Feature Rich software  
> Excellent Encryption technology to prevent eavesdropping  
> Reliable Comprehensive Reports
> After-sales service from vendor 
> Includes Time Attendance Reporting 
> Ability to network to your remote sites
> Able to fully integrate to CCTV, Fire and Alarm system

vehicle-230x149Vehicle Access System can be categorized as tenant/private car park and public or a combination of these two systems. Cards/transponders will be given to authorized users where as the public will need to take a ticket to enter into the car park bay.


We provide a complete range of vehicle access solution to cater to these two different markets.

lift-access-230x149Lift Access systems adds another level of security for any facility to heighten their security protection.  It restricts only authorized personnel to have access to the lift and to their floors minimizing external threats to the very minimal. The common lift access system comprises of a reader inside the lift where the tenant needs to present his card to access his floor. For the more discerning users like V.I.Ps, access readers are installed outside  the lift to only restrict top executive in using their own lifts. 

card-230x149Access to sensitive areas needs to be control and enforced at all times to minimize loss of assets, goods or information. As a rule of thumb, the more sensitive is the asset, the more selective must be the access-control mechanism – that is, fewer individuals should have access to it. 


ELID has one of the largest range of access control solutions in the industry ranging from mid to high-end applications to meet different security protection. 

turnstile-230x149A turnstile system is part of a physical barrier system which electronically and mechanically restricts or allows access for pedestrian traffic. It is also widely used as a very effective system in channeling and managing human traffic. They come in many forms and sizes to suit different applications.



For high sensitive areas, this solution is ideal to increase the level of security in protecting and controlling the accessibility to these places.


Also, many users are adopting this system for time attendance application as it helps to eliminate buddy punching issues.   




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