For Industrial Users

Industrial customers are a special breed of clientele who has special needs both concentrating on the general security of the premises, their goods and their work force. Many of them operate on a 24 hours operation with hundreds to thousands of workers and continuous movement of goods from production to packaging to logistics. As such, different security equipment will be used to monitor and control these movements for effective security management. Some of the key concerns to address in this segment will be visitor registration and management, car park security and traffic management, effective time attendance for workers and office personnel, controlling of movement to key sensitive areas, countering pilferage,  constant monitoring of movement and activities concerning goods and the productivity of the security guards. 


A practical approach to security management system for industrial users would be an integrated security system linking all sub-security system into a singular platform for maximum monitoring and control. With our system, integration to other business software like Payroll and Human Resource Management is also easily implemented to achieve an intelligent security and business single database system. 


Sector includes:-

1. Oil & Gas

2. Manufacturing

3. Logistics

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