1.   What are the latest buying trends for a security system?

As a start, for new buyers, it would be wise to invest in a computerized or PC-based access control system rather than having standalone units or PIN- pad based access. Computerized access control system helps user to better manage their property and, more importantly, to enable centralized control and to generate historical reports. Many of the buyers are upgrading their system as standalone units are not able to fulfil their needs after a year or two.


On the CCTV front, new buyers should look into buying systems that will enable them to remotely view their premise or house via smart devices.


For corporate users, many buyers are progressing to integrated systems to help their facility to gain better control rather than having multiple sub systems to manage. Integrated systems also allow them to integrate their system to their business or HR system for better efficiency and administration. 
Investing in megapixel cameras rather than all analog surveillance system will help corporate users to fight crime better. 

  2.   They are so many security companies around? Which one should I choose?    



Buying a security system should be viewed as an investment to help protect your assets or your loved ones. Therefore, careful thought and exercise is needed to choose the right security company.


However, in this part of the world where industry practice and regulations are not standardized and governed, many companies have mushroomed operating and transacting  business in their own way, selling inferior products without proper service backing. You can find practically every engineering company claiming to be a specialist in security system. 


In our circle, security practice is viewed as a profession, just like a doctor or a lawyer and not something that is traded like a commodity.



  Thus, to help you to find your rightful and trusted security partner, please undertake the following:-  

A.        Do your due diligence on the firm – check their history and better still, pay them a visit as many people who purchase seldom if ever take the time and liberty to know who and where their suppliers are. Many a time customers expressed disappointment as they couldn’t locate the firm anymore or they don’t carry that brand any longer.


B.        Don’t buy only because of the price factor. Take time to study the company’s higher range of products and know the benefits and value of these range as you may need them in the near future. Also, a good security system requires good technical and after sales support so that you continue to benefit from the system for many years to come.


C.        Choose a vendor that has good and sound IT and software expertise. Today’s security system is not the same as before, they now incorporate many new IT technologies. Just like smart phones of today, these devices run and deliver their true potential via software, more than hardware. Furthermore, with the fast advancement of IT technology from data transmission, to operating software to database platform engines, the expertise and know-how required to trouble-shoot and operate the system becomes increasingly vital.


D.        Buy direct from reliable electronic security companies and not through contractors. If you are serious about the security of your facility or home, you should inquire and procure the system from direct from reliable electronic security companies as they will offer you the best solution to meet your needs. The money that you pay to your contractor could buy yourself a better system or solution. Moreover, they are going to be the company that will be looking after your system once your renovation works are completed. Hence, getting them directly on-board is crucial.

Choose to buy direct… exercise your rights!



  3.   Is security control equipment merely a product?  



For many layman, the comprehension of purchasing a security equipment/system is akin to buying a piece of product just like a water bottle container or a luxurious LED television. Buyers will usually scout for the desired specification and compare prices to get the best deal possible. And should the product has any defect or fail to operate, the buyer can easily take the product himself to the service center to get it repaired.


However, unlike such products, a security system does not only present itself in its physical form but requires on-site engineering support to ensure that the system is working round- the- clock, 24 hours a day to undertake its underlying function – that is to protect the security and safety of lives and premises. When a fault occurs, it is unlikely that the user himself will dismantle the product and send it to the vendor where he purchased it to be serviced. When such incident happens, you need a vendor who has the knowledge to diagnose the problem and recommend a solution or rectify the problem soonest to get your security up and running again – without that, your security protection is being compromised.


As such, comparing prices and specification on a product level alone is not enough to warrant a good buy. The buying decision exercise should also take into account the comparison of the technical expertise, staff strengths and the support experience of the staff and company of your prospective security system supplier.



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