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ELID Sales & Marketing is a 100% own subsidiary of ELID, a leader in security management system in Asia. Working hand-in-hand with our parent company ELID - with a staff force of over 110 employees – we are responsible and passionate of improving the safety and security of people’s life and premises.


We achieve this by bringing cutting-edge technology combined with quality and reliable solutions and delivering it every time to our customers.


TrustWhilst we understand that we design, implement and deliver high quality security solutions, our underlying objective is to build trust with our customers and after 25 years of operations, we still hold dear to that mission statement.


Today, with branches in Penang and Johor Bahru, our systems are protecting the lives of more than 5 million users daily in their workplace.


ELID Sales & Marketing (ESM) vision is to become the most preferred and trusted electronic security solution provider.


We are committed to realizing this objective by conducting our business in a professional, transparent and ethical manner – providing high quality technical and after-sales services, innovative tailor-made solutions at competitive prices, power of choice and reliable products which users can use year after year. It is our life long mission to constantly improve, add value and protect the life and safety of people for the betterment of society and mankind.



Elid-HQWe began our foray into this industry since 1989, a time, when many people are still unaware of the term “electronic security system”, let alone understand the functions and benefits that it brings to their workplace. Back then, only a few electronic security companies existed.


Malaysian companies were only relying on padlocks to secure their premises. Only the rich multi-national corporations could afford security systems like Card Access System, CCTV and alarm systems, all of which are fully imported and is expensive to implement and to maintain. Many of them were resorting to manual labor; security guard services to improve their security protection of their premises as many of them do not know the benefits an electronic security system could bring nor know how to operate them.


The-DirectorWe were pioneers of our time. We revolutionized the whole market landscape by designing and manufacturing security system like access control and offering it at a fraction of what the Americans and Europeans were doing.We wanted to improve the security and safety well-being of EVERY corporation and its staff.


We want to make a change for the better. We were making security systems comparable to the foreigners, if not better than them, both on features and in quality. We were giving them a hard run for their money. We were doing what no other local company was doing at that time.
We dared… and we succeeded!


We too had the same success in 2000, when we introduced our Integrated Security Management system, a system that was only available from abroad. We offered many multi-national companies and local SMEs the choice to experience better features, better service quality and at lower maintenance rates than our foreign competition.


Today, looking back, we continue to see ourselves as the market leader, continuing to push the envelope of the security industry to greater heights for the well being of the community and the people. Our pursuit of excellence flames the innate yearning to achieve success that is larger than ourselves.

Elid-SiteWe have over the years established two branches and expanded our network to ensure that our customers are taken care of and are getting the best attention for their security system. Our staff are well trained to carry out their duties professionally giving you peace of mind, every time.
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